About The Moonbase

Now, 19 years in, The Moonbase remains a fixture in Coventry's ever changing musical landscape, with a proven track record of delivering  commercial quality recordings( radio 1, 2, 6, playlistings, tv ads ) at incredibly affordable prices. The Moonbase continues to be  a creative hub, a busy recording facilty-yet the very antithesis of a clinical studio environment- oh, and possibly the coolest musical private members club in the city.


Whether you are a band who want to record live in a room, an artist that wants to build layer by layer or just require a specific piece of material recorded you can take the basics ( a friendly approach, pro quality equipment, a great drum sound) as given and devote your  energy and creativity into making your performances and music happen.


Using equipment that is a happy mix of digital and analogue, vintage and new and a devoted engineer with an obsession for detail (and yet not a nerd) a session at the moonbase will be both productive and fun.


So, is the Moonbase for you?- It's simple- go to the sounds page-put on a pair of headphones/ ear buds and  listen to the recordings- this is what gets recorded week in week out at the Moonbase- you may want to venture further into the site, please do- look at the pictures, gear and mics used to capture these sounds, but don't get sidetracked- it's the music that counts!