Stuff you can use....


1960's Rogers  USA Drum Kit

1967 Rogers  Dynasonic snare

1960 Ludwig 400 snare

1980 Ludwig black beauty snare

2010 Highwood piccolo snare

2007 Pork Pie Maple custom Snare

1960's Ajax piccolo snare

1970's Premier 2000 Snare 


Paiste Giant Beat hi-hats, crash ,ride

Istanbul Agop Ride and Crash

1970's Zildjian A  hi-hats and 2x crash cymbals

Sabian dry ride cymbal

Vox AC30

Marshall jcm800 stack

Fender Bassman 300, Ampeg 4x10

Leslie Cabinet modified for guitar and keys

Trace Elliot GP 12 smx pre-amp

Ashdown Evo 300 bass head+ 15" ashdown cab



Fender telecaster l/h

Fender Stratocaster l/h

Fender jazzmaster l/h

Gretsch 5420 l/h

Gibson SG l/h

Fender P Bass l/h

Martin Acoustic l/h

12 string l/h

numerous organ/electric piano/synth plug -ins

Various percussion items

toy keyboards, kazoo, tango megaphone!