Recording / Mixing

Intel i9 PC running Cubase 11 and Cakewalk .

24 track simultaneous record facility for live tracking

60+ Tracks for overdubbing

24:8:2 soundtracs analogue desk

Numerous (legal) plug ins, - inc waves, Slate, Abbey road, Fabfilter etc




Dav Broadhurst Gardens No.2 - 4x mic pre

Neve Portico 5012 duo mic pre amp

Golden Age mic pre 73 x 2

Aphex 202 valve mic pre amp

Focusrite Octopre

Audio and Design 600 broadcast limiter

Ted Fletcher P38 Stereo compressor

Dbx 160 vu compressor

Focusrite Penta compressor

Drawmer mx30 compressor

Joe Meek SC2 compressor

Zoom 1201

MXR phase 90

Electro harmonix memory man, small clone, small stone

Fuzz boxes galore